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Editor: Frame position lock

I have quite a few schools that use the lock feature of image and text boxes so that they cant be moved. This is ideal to keep pages uniforn so that students dont move those elements around. Any way to have that be part of Memento ?

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  • Thanks for your suggestion. It's been put to the product management team for consideration.

  • Any update on locking text, clipart and image boxes on a page ?

  • No update for this feature yet as we are concentrating our efforts on higher priorities for the moment. Rest assured we are constantly revising the priority of features and bugs.

  • I have about 20+ schools have work on similar layouts like the attachment for their 8th grade portraits.

    I'ts crucial that the images, text and dividers stay in the same position.  When editing, its hard to keep things in the exact position because I notice that they slightly move. Locking elements is necessary in these type of pages. Hopefully it can be implemented next year. 

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