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Editor: Apply background to canvas click and flip background on canvas

Currently you have to double click to add a background. I can see that beeing a bit confusing. Is there a that when you put your mouse over a background, a button with a "Apply to Background" can Hoover over the background image ?  

Also, any way to invert the background ( flip left to right ) ? This make is handy when you want to use the same background for a left and right side page so that it looks more apealing. 

  • Background photos / textures are added by a single click on the preview of the image.  Are you finding that you are accidentally adding them as backgrounds?

    I will had the rotation request for the background. (There are several collections - particularly the more geometric style backgrounds - that have right-and-left side versions of the backgrounds already available for this purpose).

  • To apply a background or a photo, simply click on it.

    Background flip is now available