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Portrait Pages: Add other options for sorting

Sometimes I have to use a priority field for sorting and sometimes I use a different field like track to sort. It would be helpful if we could select which field we want to use for sorting rather than just the default of Priority. 

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on Mon, 21 Jan, 2019 at 9:19 AM

Hello. When a class panel is created, normally the Teacher is set to Priority 1 and Aides to priority 2 and students as 5.

The issue now is when I create a Faculty panel, it's now going to sort all priority 1 first then priority 2 which will not be correct.

My work around this is having a new column suck as "track" that I put all ass "1" so that I can sort by this column for the staff page.

My request is for us to be able to select which column to user for sorting rather than just the priority column.
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  • Any updates here?

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  • Really need to be able to select a different field for sorting other than just priority. 

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