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Photo management: File name display when photo is uploaded images

I would like to request the file name of an image be shown underneath an uploaded photo when you are viewing the thumbnail. 

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  • Could you let us know how this feature would improve the user experience? How would they use the file name in the app?

    We find that file names are usually either sequential camera generated codes or geolocators. Few yearbook people use their file names to identify anything about the photos other than a general event name - which is better handled by folders/collections.

  • For people needing to place photos by groups over several pages (sports/sport levels ie. Varsity/Junior Varsity, club names, grade levels or band/instrument levels/divisions, this is essential to know who is who. If a school advisor needs to convey to her yb staff kids certain images to use, even if separated by folders, the image/filename, even if just the camera number could be useful.

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  • This was just discovered by us and is becoming a very big issue with our schools and negatively affecting our relationship with them.

    Our advisors name their images according to the pages that they need to appear on as well as what they are. If a school is telling me to pull such image to add to a page, how are we to know what that is without fully describing what the picture is?

    Teams/groups- not all advisors know the teams and groups, they only go off of the image name. How can you tell 5th grade band and 6th grade band apart?

    We also upload student images for schools to use throughout the book, not just in portrait pages. They are named by lastname_firstname. 

  • Following up on an already submitted comment. The image attached is not helpful to the school without an image name. The advisor as well as publisher do not know the students by their faces.

  • Once file names are added to images, I would assume they would sort by file name?  Please take this into consideration when adding this feature.  Thank you.  

    Do we have an ETA on this feature?

  • Yes, you will be able to sort also by filename. The feature is being tested right now and is part of the January release. Will be out soon.