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Editor/Photo management: Used image checkmarks

Schools really like the feacture when a checkmark is placed over a candid photo once it's been placed on a page. 

Same would go for clipart.

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  • Any update on this feacture request will be available  ?

  • Its coming before end of this year if everything goes as plan.

  •  I absolutely agree that users need to be able to see what images were used on pages AND how many times by a number over the image if used multiple times. Another option would be the ability to run a report of images used, how many times AND on what pages.

  • Any updates here?

  • We are working on it, but unfortunately no release date for this feature yet.

  • Any updates on this? This is something we're in favor of as well. 

  •  I cannot urge this feature enough as well. As schools are now finishing their yearbooks, this could be an essential part of the end process for them to review their books and check for duplicate images. Hope something comes out soon!

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  • We also really want to see this implemented!

  • I have a few schools who won't sign next year if this is not implemented

  • I think this feature may need to be able to look into each "photo Album" created. Because if you have two images, both with the same file name, but they are used on two different pages and they are located in two separate albums, this could get tricky.  I love the idea of a check mark and it won't be perfect, but if its not able to cross check that image file name across all the albums, the feature may not work properly.  Just a thot. 

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