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Sorting by other fields other than priority

Hello. When a class panel is created, normally the Teacher is set to Priority 1 and Aides to priority 2 and students as 5.

The issue now is when I create a Faculty panel, it's now going to sort all priority 1 first then priority 2 which will not be correct.

My work around this is having a new column suck as "track" that I put all ass "1" so that I can sort by this column for the staff page.

My request is for us to be able to select which column to user for sorting rather than just the priority column. 

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  • In the Manage Portrait section, we suggest using the ASSIGN ROLE feature to rank everyone in the school. It simplifies the process of getting people in the right order.

    See for details.

    This will automatically add a department, role and priority to all members of the school.

    Students are set at 5 - so they will always be last in the panel.

    Teachers are 3 and Assistant teachers are 4, so they will appear before the students in the classroom panels.

    Other types of staff are given priorities of 3 and 4 as well as per the usual arrangement on staff pages eg. Specialists appear with the homeroom teachers.  The principal is set to 1, and the vice principal is set to 2, so they will appear in front of other staff members on the panel.

    This priority ranking should solve many of the issues of creating a staff page. Role & Department provide other ways of organizing too.

    We'll look into other ideas for panel sorting too.

  • Here is my scenario. Teacher are 3 and aides Set to 4 for the class portraits sections. I have schools that also want to have an all school faculty/staff page ( including teachers and aides ). The issue now is that it’s going to sort the teachers first and then the aides because of their current priority vales when in reality they would want them to all be sorted by last name. My work around this currently with your other software is using another sorting column and setting the same value for all staff members so that on the staff/faculty page they are all be sorted in alphabetical order without it affecting their specific role on their individual class page.
  • I don't see how this solves the sorting problem.  If I have assigned everyone roles as you stated, priorities 1-4 (for staff), then they will not sort solely by alphabetical order if placed onto a staff page.  They will sort by priority, THEN alpha.  We need to be able to choose which field we sort by.  Please let me know if there is any updates on this!  This is of high priority!