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Dragging and Image into a .png

If you place a .png file ( or your clip art ) and you drag an image into it, it replaced the .png with the image.  .PNG files should not have the ability to be raplaced ( specially with an image )

  • More cameras are using png files for images - this format is no longer exclusively used for clip art.  We've had many reports in our existing products of people who need to resize/replace png photos but could not, so we've had to ensure that png files behave the same way as jpgs now. There's no way to tell the app if an individual image is a clipart/logo or a photo, so we couldn't keep the lock-aspect ratio / no redrop features from our other tools to allow for flexible editing.

  • I plan to keep on creating the panels on Lumapix desktop version because most of my schools require complex panel design. I  normally would export them as a .png and place it on the page so that the school has the ability to modify the background.  Since the .png stretches across the entire page, any time you try to insert an image it replaced the .png file.  A solution would be to be able to add a lock to the .png so that it can't be moved or replaced. 

  • We strongly do not recommend this workflow. If you would like to create your school's panels, do so using the available tools, but swapping out editable panels with customizable features with a flattened png will negate all possibility of working on these pages. The portrait pages in this product are much easier to create, so the schools will not be faced with many challenged to work on their pages.

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