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Photo management: Edit photos on external editor

I've been asked if photos that have been placed on a page and be edited on an external editor such as photoshop ( similar to Lumapix Desktop )

  • Because it is an Online tool designed to keep images safely on the cloud, there is no way to launch the images to an installed software. 

  • I have schools in where they sometimes need to grab a photo from a teacher from a previous years panel.  In previous versions they simply open a past project, locate the image and they add it to the canvas. From there they would "edit in an extenal editor" so that they could then re-save the image to be able to use again.  

    Any works around this since you would no longer have the option to edit the photo. 

  • Image frame effects have been implemented in the Editor to help photo editing. Download photo is now also available in the Yearbook Photo Album section to download the photo, edit it locally and re-upload it.