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Photo management: Smartphone app to upload photos & Personal sharing sites

More and more schools have been asking for a smartphone app to give out to user to upload photos.

Also having the ability to integrate a schools personal dropbox, google drive, facebook or Vidigami account within the software.

  • Uploading directly from a phone or tablet is already available via the Community Album link. The app is designed in html5, making it compatible with smartphone operating systems, chromebooks, Windows and Macs.

    The upload can occur directly in their web browser, with no additional app to download.   Simply copy-paste the Community album url into an email and the recipient can launch the service on any device.

    For privacy, security and compatibility reasons, the app will not support accessing third party tools. Schools that are COPPA compliant (or that follow similar privacy/safety rules) need to have authorized access to share photos - these third party tools do not follow these rules, particularly in relation to deleting content automatically after a particular time frame nor ensuring secure access to the images.

    The Community Album was designed specifically to provide a safe, COPPA compliant method for bringing in photos from the school community without any extra set-up, downloading and other hassles.

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