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Book manager: Reuse pages from previous books while stripping out photos

Many schools use layouts they designed from previous years. I've been asked to have the ability to open projects from previous years without any of the photos ( just the image boxes, backgrounds, text, clipart )

  • The issue would that there are no means to differentiate between decorative elements (backgrounds and clipart) - and their photos. ¬†Photos, backgrounds and clipart are both jpg and png formats.
    If a "recycle with no images" feature stripped the page of all jpg and pngs, you'd have a page full of empty frames, no backgrounds, with only text retained. Would this be desirable or more work to rebuild without guiding placeholders?

  • About 50% of my schools use projects from previous years. They constantly ask if when they add a project from a previous year all of the images would be stripped, simply leaving image boxes similar to a template.¬† It would be okay that all .jpegs and .png would be removed just leaving empty "drop image here" boxes.

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