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Editor: enable background pan and zoom to recrop the image

I would like to see the ability to crop/zoom and pan into the background as well as change the ability to add effects such a blur and black and white. 

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 on Thu, 13 Dec, 2018 at 6:27 PM

If a school decides to use their own images for a background design, it will be helpful if they could zoom and pan the background image so that they could center it they way the want as well as adding effects to such as blurs and black and white. 

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  • I keep on getting asked about zooming in/out of a background as well as being able to pan left or right.

  • Done

  • I notice that you have to double click on the background to get the zoom and pan tool.  This is a bit confusing. Any way to make the crop/pan tools apear when you click on the background once ?  Also, the zoom and pan tools are very hard to seen when you have the page covered with photos. 

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