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Editor: Nudge frames with arrow keys

It would be great to have the ability to be able to literally nudge a text box or image by just using the arrow buttons. If you use the arrow keys by themselves it nudges a larger distance, whereas if you use the SHIFT & arrow keys, you can move it in fine increments.

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  • Holding the Shift Key down allows you to break the magnetic pull of the alignment guidelines. Keep in mind that this is an online browser based application, not installed software, so the controls need to work on multiple browser types. We will of course look into all ways to improve usability to make positioning content on the pages easier.

  • I agree!! I miss the use of the arrow keys and one of my middle school advisors has asked for the same thing.

    I find nudging objects very useful for many different reasons. I feel they are an essential tool.

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  • Yes, we really need this feature! This will help with spacing issues. If it doesn't work with arrow keys, maybe have onscreen arrows that you click to nudge the selected frames/text. Fotofusion online had this feature.

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  • The magnetic field needs to be closer to it's snapping values. When working on a class page and trying to add a title, i almost always have to hold down the shift key because the snap value hardly ever allows me to center perfectly. 

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  • Now that people are heavy into working on their books, I am hearing more and more from my schools that they really need the use of arrow keys. Please figure out how to add this keyboard function!!! It seems like something so basic, but is so hard to understand why it is not available.

  • Done

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