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Editor: Add Collage maker

Can I request for a new category under Layouts to only have collage-style layout with no color or text

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  • Either this or the auto-collage button like FotoFusion had.  I know this has been talked about but I am unsure of where it is in development.

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  • Auto-collage would be beneficial. We're getting feedback from some schools and they have more images than what is offered in the layouts/templates. Many of them are so used to dragging all their images onto the page and hitting that auto-collage button and being done. Even if they use the pre-made layout, they're having to edit it every time.

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  • I agree that this needs to be added. 

  • Having the templates to use were great, but they all had text on them or headers and color boxes.  Can you please offer templates with none of those features, but simply just image boxes?  Also, It would great to have a page that contains or allows more than 20 images per page.. nothing crazy like 100 images but somewhere around 45-50 max.. any more than that the images aren't viewable.. My work around for the 20 image max was to use FotoFusion's auto collage maker, save as a jpeg and then import the collage page as a background. It saved me so much time. 

  • Autocollage and templates without colors are coming.

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