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Storefront (Publisher Dashboard): Shopping cart Memento fees and credit card fees

I've asked a few school and the feedback from selling yearbooks online is that if they collect $20 for an offline order, they also want to collect $20.00 for an online order. They are also comfortable with having an online transaction fee added to the total sale.


Here is my suggestion.


A $20.00 yearbook will incur a $1.00 Mememtopix Fee plus $.91 credit card fee (2.9% + .30).  What I am suggesting is that there be a seperate line item with the online processing fee of $1.91 be put within the shopping cart order details.  This will get the school their $20.00 and get your fees paid. I think this will be a Win/Win scenario for everyone. I am attaching a screen shot for your review.

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