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Potraits Pages: Customize label options for names & salutations

I would like the option to exclude first names on the portrait labels.  Many of our schools include staff first names in their data, but later decide to exclude them in their yearbook.  This option would save a lot of time, as deleting names in the portrait manager is very time consuming.

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  • We second that! We would love a feature to have the salutation & last name for staff. Right now the only way to do that is to change every first name of staff members, which is SUPER time consuming in the program because you can't select all and change them at once, but also because an issue when we have to search for a staff member and their first name is now gone.

  • We are looking at this feature. Would you like the choice of First+last, First only, Last only, and none ?

  • My vote is for the following:

    First & Last

    Salutation & Last

  • For us, I don't think we would use a First Only option.  I'm assuming this is in addition to the "salutations on" button and "titles" that we have already?  In that case, First+Last and Last Only would be sufficient.

  • Yes, have the option for 

    ( Salutation + First + Last)

    ( First + Last )

    (Salutation + Last )

    I have a school last puts  Salutation + Last on the staff page but on the teacher individual page they put Salutation + First + Last.

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  • Done and available now.