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Portrait management: batch edit salutation field

I would like the option to edit multiple portrait's data at one time.  For example, let's say all the staff are missing salutations.  I would like to select all males and add "Mr." and then select all females and add "Ms." using a checkbox or filter of some sort.  It is very time consuming to edit these one at a time.

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  • Agreed! I just submitted this topic yesterday. Some schools don't provide this information (salutations) to us prior to the pages being in. I just spent a half hour editing the salutations for ONE school. 

  • Its now possible to batch edit Salutations and title.

  • Many times the Ms / Mr / Mrs IS NOT in the salutations field but rather in the first name field.  Requesting to batch edit First Name field. 

  • This is the case for us as well. Batching to edit first name would be beneficial to us.

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