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Portrait pages: add grouping & sorting wizard to add pages in groups, sub-groups

When adding my portrait pages, I would like the class pages to automatically sort themselves. For example, Grades 6-12 would show in order with 6th grade first, then 7th, etc.  I recently added portrait pages for a school with over 50 classrooms that were all out of order, completely random.  It was very time consuming for me to organize the grades individually.  I even took the time manipulate my data beforehand so my sort would flow easily, but it did not matter because they all appeared randomly when I went to add my portrait pages.

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  • To add to this, say when you have the classes ordered and added to the book, if you have to go back and add another portrait page to that section, it completely reorganizes the classes again in that adding section, making you re-sort all the classes again. Very time consuming! 

    The order of the portrait pages should stay the way they were set the first time or how they appear in the book.

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  • Which query did you use for your flow ? You know that can change the query order ?

  • Yes, I know that I can change the order.  In order to accomplish what I need done, I would need two sorts.  First, sort by grade and second, sort by teacher name.

  • I agree

  • New queries options are now available as you can add per teacher per grade and therefore sort the way you want.

  • I just went in to try this and it is very confusing.  Are you planning to share a demo or explanation of how the new sorting works?

  • The feature has been documented in the knowledge base - this is an update to the article showing how to add groups of portraits to your book.

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