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Portrait management: Add more category names for Assign Role

I have schools in which have more "Role" categories than what you currently have listed such as Supervisors, Food, Maitenance, Special Education, Support Services, Aides, Activity Supervisors, Specialists Etc.  Any way to add these to the current list or even better for us to be able tto create our own by being able to manually type the Role name. 

  • The list is designed as a best-fit for most schools to create general groups. This list cannot be exhaustive to all schools who maintain specific titles or departements exclusive to their organization.  We suggest using Assign Role to get some of the attributes (priority, department) then add custom job designations.  

    The presets include the following roles, which should cover most schools:

    • Student
    • Teacher (can be used for elementary homeroom teachers, or all teaching staff)
    • Assistant Teacher (eg: aides, student teachers, classroom helpers)
    • Specialist (non-homeroom teachers such as Science, Music, Gym, or other teaching-oriented professionals not tied to an individual classroom)
    • Principal
    • Vice Principal
    • Office Staff (anyone working in administration)
    • Support Staff (non-academic non-administrative staff, including cafeteria, maintenance, health care, security)
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