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Dedication page add-builder

Schools have been asking for the ability to allow families to design/create dedication adds online to be inserted into the yearbook.  It will need to be in a shopping cart form where parents can select what size i.e. Full Page, half page, quater and pay for it based on the publisher/school set pricing for each item.  Publisher will also set the form factor for each school's dedication page so that it complies with the school's yearbook form factor.  

Once families pay for the dedication page online,  they can create a user log-in profile so that they can log-in anytime to design their dedication page with photos, clipart, background and text.  It would be great if also pre-made templates were available  Once finished, the parent can submit and publisher/or advisor will get an email with a .jpeg of the final dedication page so that we can instert in into the yearbook. Even better if it can be somehow be tied into Mememto so that all finished/submitted dedication pages could show up within a tab in the software.

I think this can be a great way for Memento to generarte extra revenue since I'm sure you'll have a surcharge similar to selling yearbooks onine. 

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