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Portrait management: Batch edit names

In the manage portraits tab, if multiple people are selected, it would be nice to have more editing options. For example, on the class pages, the teachers need to be labeled with "salutation, last name", but they currently are "salutation, first name, last name" because the students need to have their full name. So we then have to edit each staff member and change their first name to their salutation and can only edit one at a time, which is time consuming. 

  • Batch-editing First and Last name is disabled by design. If someone accidentally applied a change to this area is would be disastrous to the database and their portrait pages. As such, only certain categories that are commonly associated to multiple individuals have been included in the batch editor: 

  • You were able to batch-edit First and Last name in Lumapix and I've never had an instance in which it was accidentally applied to all selected items.  Being able to do this really helps save time when working on staff portrait pages.  Or is it possible to only allow this for publishers and not to school users ?

  • We have actually seen batch rename problems in the past so this decision was made based on the making serious errors. Editing the portrait database is not team-member/role specific. All group properties are editable in the batch editing more, but attributes that are particular to the individual portrait are not to avoid serious problems that cannot be undone.

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