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Portrait pages: Duplicate Panel Portrait Page

Would like the ability to duplicate a section that has panel portraits as part of the pages within the section. 

  • Can you explain this request a little further please?
    Are you looking to save the portrait section's styling to another section or copy the actual section?
    What is the end effect you are looking to achieve?

  • I had an instance where I grouped each grade ( 4 classes ) into each sections so that I could apply the portraits style easily to 4 pages at at time rather than 1 by 1 ( I had over 30 classrooms). Since only 2 or 3 people were going to be working on the yearbook I felt this was best fit. The schools then changes their minds and wanted each teacher to edit their page. So rather than re-creating each page, my thoughts was so duplicate the section 3 times and disable 3 teachers from each section so that I would not have to re-style each page again.
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