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Photo management: Community members allowed to create folders

I've been asked by quite a few schools that they would like for community members to have the ability to create folders thorough the community folder link.  Most of the time the link is distributed to the community at the beginning of the school year and some advisors don't start setting up the yearbook til after the new year.  Allowing teachers/parents to create folders if they don't see the appropriate folder for their images  greatly helps keep the images organized for the advisor.  Maybe this can be something that can be turned on/off by the advisor to allow this.  Im am noticing that is the HUGE since i've had numerous requests on this same concern.  

This is also specially helpful for yearbooks designed inhouse.  We normally would give a member at the school the gallery/community folder web link and they would create folders and upload images this method since they don't work on the yearbook software.

  • COPPA regulations require authentication - the folders are password protected and only Editors and Editors-in-Chief can participate in image management.

  • My scenario is that we design the entire yearbook for a few schools. We normally deal with only 1 volunteers/teacher are not usually not verytech savvy.  A suggestion would be  if when they log-into the community folder with the given URL with their editor-in-chief password, they could can have access to creating folders.  This would be a greatl atlenative for only edidor-in-chiefs

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