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Portrait management: Sorting, searching and navigation improvements

We have received several complaints about the portrait database being clunky to navigate and it seems to boil down to these things:

Filters: The current filters are only useful to show individuals with missing Data. You cannot use them to sort by grade/teacher/etc. This makes them useless to most of our customers. Adding a combo box over the columns to Show Only: would be helpful

Search field: Technically it can search for entire groups, but because it states "search people.." and not "search by name or group..." people do not realize it can be used that way. 

Updating fields: it is very nice to be able to click on a field and update it, but that feature is non-obvious. A pencil icon that appears when you hover or even simply a line of text above/below the table that says "click on any field to update data" would make it more obvious that this is possible, 

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  • I agree with.  There needs to be a filter that allows you to specify any of the SPSA columbs that were previously imported.

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