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Photo management: Export all Image Folders from Yearbook Photo Album

Many schools keep cords for their schools historian archives or all images used in the yearbook.  Since many photos are uploaded by teachers and parents into the community folder, a school would not have the actual .jpeg stored on their computer since it was uploaded online. I am aware you can go into each folder and download the images, but this is very time consuming when you have over 100+ folders. Requesting to have the ability to export all Folders and images within the folders from the Yearbook photo album at the end of the year.

  • Memento Yearbook is intended as a means to build a yearbook, encouraging the yearbook team to collect photos selectively to build their book in an efficient, decluttered environment - "best of" photos only. It is not intended to be used as an image file transfer service, so photo download is accomplished by selecting photos individually: details here. This would allow the team to downloa photos requiring detailed editing/correction, but the entire collection may not be downloaded in one session. This also prevents mischief - no one can easlily mass collect photos.

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