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Adding, Resizing and Repositioning Photos

Adding an empty photo frame to your page 

Launch a page in the Editor. To add an empty frame to your page, click on the image icon in the top right corner. A new image frame will appear on your page.

Adding photos directly to your page

Click on the Photos tab on the left side options. A list of your Yearbook Photo Albums will appear - scroll down, if required, to locate your photo album.

Click into your photo album of choice. Your photos will appear on the left side pane. Scroll down if required to find the photo(s) you need to add to your page.

Drag then drop a photo onto your page. It will appear at the default size.

If you need to go back to find photos in another folder, click on the back arrow at the top of the current album.
The list of albums will be shown again, so you can select a new album to view.

Adding a photo to the canvas background

To use a photo as the background image on your page, click directly on the photo preview in the album pane. It will automatically apply to the background of your page.


To learn more about canvas background options, click here.

Moving photos on the canvas

Click down on a photo then drag it to move it to a new position.

Notice that purple guidelines will appear as you drag an image - these are snap lines to help you align the image relative to other objects on your page. Guidelines are magnetic to help you align your images together.


To turn off magnetic alignment, hold the Shift key on your keyboard while dragging the image - you will be able to freely position it on the canvas.

Resizing photos

Photos may be resized by dragging on the handles surrounding their edges.  Pull on the corner handles to resize a photo proportionately. Pull on the center side handles to change the width and height of the photo. independently.


Zooming & Panning

By default your image will be displayed to show the entire photo within its frame.  To zoom in on a portion of the image, drag up on the magnifying glass icon on the image.


To zoom out, drag down on the magnifying glass icon.


To pan (re-center) your image, click down then drag on the center icon to reposition the photo inside its frame. Note that your image will only pan or zoom out to the edge of the photo.


Double-click the handles to reset to the default zoom level or position.

Rotating a photo

To rotate a photo frame, click and drag on the rotation icon.  Your photo will pivot around the center of the frame.


Note: If you hold down the ALT key, this will snap the rotation to 45 and 90 degrees.
Double-click the rotation handle to reset the rotation to the default position.

Replacing/swapping a photo

To replace a photo with another selection, drag a new photo from the album pane towards the frame. When the target frame displays a red border, drop the photo.


The new photo will replace the original photo.


Adding a photo on top of another image frame

When a photo is dragged to the page on top an existing image frame, that frame will automatically be selected to receive the new photo. If you have used an image on your pages as a background element, you won't want the new photo to drop into the existing frame, but to overlay it.

To bypass the automatic selection of the image frame on the canvas, hold the Shift key on your keyboard while dragging the new photo - it will drop into its own image frame.

Flipping a photo

To flip a photo to its mirror image, select it, then click on the Image FX button.  Flip Image Horizontally will mirror the photo's position left-right; Flip Image Vertically will mirror the image top-down.

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