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Adding text to your page

Add an empty text frame to a page by clicking on the T icon in the top right corner. A text frame will appear on your current page, with the word "text" inside the frame.   

Once your text frame is on the the canvas, it may be resized, repositioned and rotated. Learn more how to adjust frames on your canvas.

Editing text

To customize your text, select the text frame, then click on the Text tab.  The Text editor will appear, where you can type your own text.

Note that the placeholder "text" word is highlighted. Start typing to add your own text. You can click into the text box, and select portions of the text to delete or update it.

Font attributes

Click on the color swatch to change the text's color. The color editor will appear.
Use the color slider to pick a new shade. Refine your selection by clicking on the gradient area. You can also choose to enter the RGB, HSL or HEX value for a precise color (use the toggle switch to move between modes). 

Opacity is controlled using the second slider, or the A (alpha) value under the RGB or HSL selection.

Click here for a list of third-party websites exploring color palettes and codes.

Font style

Use the font dropdown to selection the font style - there are many dozens to choose from. Consult the list of fonts to see your options.  

Change the size of your text, either by using one of the preset sizes from the font size dropdown, or type a custom value (click the Use: button to confirm your choice).

Bold and/or italicize your text. Note that not all fonts will have these options.

(Text shadow and per-character attributes are not yet available).

Alignment options

Choose among left, centered, full and right-justified text.  Use centered text only for titles, and justified text only for paragraphs. 

Using Shapes with text

Create a caption box for your text by adding a shape to your page, then order the text frame in front of the shape. This technique guarantees that your text will be very legible when placed on top of a photo or busy background texture.

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