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Using layouts & templates to predesign pages

Use layout and templates to quickly build your candid pages. Apply a design to your page, then add your images and text and customize it as you like.

Layouts are predesigned page designs composed of empty image frames, shapes and text. Explore the layouts collection in detail, including keywords to use to find specific collections.

Templates contain these same items, but also have backgrounds and decorations applied to them. Explore the templates collection in detail, including keywords to use to find specific styles.

Applying layouts or templates to a blank page

Open your blank page in the editor, then click on the Layouts tab. Toggle between Layouts and Templates to explore the collections.

If you are adding pages to a blank page, turn the Match Image Count toggle off. The entire collection of layouts or templates will appear. Scroll down to see additional designs.

Click on any design to apply it to your page. The design will apply, resizing the page contents to your page size and respecting your guidelines (frames positioned on the green safe line in the original design will snap to the safe lines on your page).


All aspects of the design may be customized - the colors, fonts, border properties, etc. Drag in your photos, and add custom text to the page.


Applying a layout or template to a page with photos & text

Designs may be applied to a page that already has photos on it. If desired, turn on the Match Image Count toggle to only show layouts with the same number of image frames as the current page. 

In the example below, the page has three images, so layouts with three empty image frames are shown.


Click on a design to apply it to a page. If the layout has the same or more image and text frames as the page, it will try to move the content into empty frames. In this example, the layout had a sufficient number of image and text frames, so the content was transferred over.  It will need some adjustment, but no photos or text were lost.


In another example, the new layout was missing text frames. A warning message appears when the new layout was applied to indicate that content will be lost from the page.  If the content is important to retain, click Undo over the canvas (or Ctrl/Cmd-Z) to revert to the previous layout.


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