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Low-resolution warnings

Memento Yearbook is designed to warn you if an image on your canvas isn't a sufficiently good quality to print at the current size. Warnings are most likely to be found on images downloaded from a website, since these are often very small in size to allow them to load quickly on a web page, but they won't print well.  


If you receive a resolution warning on an image try reducing the size of the photo on your page, or, if possible, zoom out of the photo.  Replace or remove images with red warning on them since these will be particularly bad quality when printed.

We recommend using only original photos (taken on a camera or a phone) and to not download images from any website or search engine to ensure good quality printing (and in the case of decorations, reduce the likelihood of copyright violations!).

WARNING: Images cannot be "up-sized" to fix resolution issues. If you download the photo and it in a photo editing software, you can increase its resolution. The resolution warning will disappear, but the image will still print blurry as doesn't have a lot of detail in it.

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