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Downloading photos

Editors-in-chief may download photos from Yearbook & Community Albums.

To download one or more photos, access the Yearbook Photo Albums or the Community Photo Albums as required.

Click into an album containing the photos to be downloaded. Select the photos to download by check-marking them.


Click Download Photos on the top menu.


A zip archive will download to your computer, into your Downloads folder.


To open the zip file on a Windows computer, launch File Explorer, navigate to your Downloads folder, and right-mouse select the file. Choose Extract all.
Windows will guide you to create a folder where the images will be available.


On a Mac computer, click the message in the bottom right corner of your web browser. The photos will be extracted into a folder in your Downloads folder. You can also double-click the zip file in the Downloads folder to extract the images, then move the images to your desired location on your computer.

Once the images are downloaded, you can open them up in your choice of image editing tool for retouching if need be, then re-upload them for use in your yearbook into a Yearbook Photo Album or the portrait manager (in the case of retakes or replacement photos).

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