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Opening a page in the Editor

To open a page in the Editor, access your book under Edit Book. Editors-in-Chief and Editors may open any page in the book. Staffers may only open pages assigned to them that are unassigned.

Hover over a page - if the page is editable, the blue Edit button will appear. Click on it to launch the page in the editor.


The page will launch, active, in the Editor. In this area, you can design your page with photos, decorations, text and shapes.

  1. Click photos to access your Yearbook photo albums. Click into the albums to see individual photos, which may be dragged onto the active page.

  2. Click elements to access a collection of decorations, organized thematically.

  3. Click background to set a background color and/or access a collection of textured designs to apply to your page. (These may be also used as decorative elements on your page,

  4. Click on layouts to apply a ready-made design to your page, either before or after you have added photos to it.

  5. Click on T to add an empty text frame, ready for your custom text, or the shape option to add a graphic element to your page.

  6. Click on Edit to make the adjoining page active for editing.

  7. Click on the side arrows to move to the previous or next page in your book.

When you have finished editing your page or need to return to the book manager to add or move pages, click on the Close button in the top right corner.

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