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The Layouts collection

Layouts are premade page designs composed of empty image frames, shapes and text. They do not contain any decorations (backgrounds, clipart).

To access the layout collection, open a page in the Editor, then click on the Layouts tab, and toggle to the Layout option.

Simply click on a layout in preview to apply it to your page. Learn more about applying layouts.

The layouts were built in an 8.5x11 format with a .25" safe margin, but will adjust to your book dimensions, so the preview images display at that particular format. When you apply a layout to your page, it will resize appropriately: frames aligned to the green safe margin will snap to that edge of your page, and frames will grow or shrink to best match your page dimensions and guidelines.

Note that the Match Image Count toggle will be on - so if you are applying the layout to a blank page, you will no results at first. Turn the Match Image Count button off to see the full array of layouts.


Layouts are published in thematic collections. Type in the Keywords box to look at specific collections - useful if you want to style your book in a particular theme.

Use the following keywords to focus on particular layout collections.

  • basic (entire collection) 

  • basic (by subgroup)

  • bubbles

  • captioned

  • contemporary

  • grid

  • jumble

  • layered

  • modern

  • offset

  • polaroid

  • pop

  • retro

  • sidebar

  • scattered

  • teams

  • titlebar

  • titles



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