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Zooming, panning & flipping photos

If you drop a photo directly on the canvas, it will - by default - display the entire photo. If you drop a photo into an empty frame, it will be displayed at the largest possible size, but a portion of the photo may be cut off if the image frame is not the same shape as the photo.  

Zooming in/out of a photo

Photos within image frames may be adjusted using the zoom handle.  

To zoom in on a portion of the image, select the image frame, then drag up on the magnifying glass icon on the image.


To zoom out, drag down on the magnifying glass icon.


Panning a photo within its frame

Photos allow you to pan (re-center) your image. If your image frame is smaller than the entire photo, select your image frame, click down then drag on the center icon to reposition the photo inside its frame. Note that your image will only pan or zoom out to the edge of the photo.


Double-click the handles to reset to the default zoom level or position.

Learn how to fix a cropped image to show the entire image.

Flipping a photo

To flip a photo to its mirror image, select it, then click on the Image FX button.  Flip Image Horizontally will mirror the photo's position left-right; Flip Image Vertically will mirror the image top-down.

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