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My Big Idea

Ask students about how they would make the world a better place. Do they have an idea for an invention that will make life easier? What would they change about their school or community?

Things I Can't Live Without

A show-and-tell page highlighting favourite toys, food, games, pets, activities... anything your students can't live without!

Top of the Charts

Create an online survey to find out what students like the best. What are their favourite books, movies, musical performers, songs, tv shows, video games, social media star, and fashion trends? Compile the results for the whole school, or break it down by grade.

Superlatives Pages

This yearbook classic inclusion may be formatted like an awards page or a future predictions page. Format it around the theme of "Best ____" or "Most/Least Likely to __________". Be sure to keep it clean and friendly!

Quotes Page

Create a page or two of funny, notable or touching quotes from members of the school community. Try "As overheard in the playground" or "The funny things teachers say" as themes.

Baby Pics

Create a page of baby photos for the graduating class or the teachers. Turn it into a guessing game to see if your students can guess which baby grew up 

Future Visions

Ask your students where they see themselves in the future. For example, ask them what their life will be like when they are thirty years old, or what they think the world will be like in the future. 

Holiday Traditions
If your school can't celebrate holidays this year, get students to send in their favourite holiday memories, traditions and/or photos. What did they wear for Halloween? What's their favourite holiday food tradition? What did they ask from Santa this year?

Travel Memories

Ask students to design a postcard of a favourite family trip, or of a place they would like to go.

Did you know that you can create a survey form for free? Check our suggested third party tools article for more info and tips.

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