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Your book must be reviewed in detail before it may be submitted to the printing company. Each page is either approved (and locked from any additional editing) or rejected with comments added to what changes are needed.

There is no limit to the number of online proofs or review passes you may create for your yearbook. However, all pages must be approved in your proof before they are submitted for final printing.

Submit To Publisher

Editors-in-Chief may access Submit to publisher under the Admin menu.

Overview shows the due dates that were set by your printing company when your account was created. 

The cover and the interior pages of your yearbook reviewed and submitted separately. Many printing companies set an earlier submission date for covers, allowing them to pre-print the covers as you finish the rest of your book.    

The procedure for online review is as follows:

  1. Generate an online proof of the cover and the book contents separately.
  2. View the proof - either on your web browser, or shared by downloading it as a pdf (or printed) to get final comments from your proofing team.
  3. Review every page carefully, looking for typos, mislabelled photos, and placement issues (too close to page edges, etc.).
  4. If a page needs work, reject it and provide comments on what needs to be corrected.
  5. If a page is ready to print, approve it. It will be locked from future edits.
  6. If a lot of pages need work, reject the proof. All pages are unlocked. If a few pages need revisions, simply make the changes to the pages in the editor.
  7. Regenerate the proof, working towards approving all pages.
  8. Once the pages are all approved, send the book to your publisher for final printing

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