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Proofing with watermarked PDF files

Publishers, Editors-in-Chief and Editors are able to create low-resolution watermarked proof PDF files of a single page, a single section or of the entire yearbook.

The PDF files are suitable for circulating to proofreaders who are not working directly on the yearbook. After generating a watermarked pdf file, download it to your computer. Should you need to share the article with another person, send it attached to an email or using a file transfer service. Note that the pdf will expired in a few hours of generation so do 

The files are not at all suitable to send for formal printing, given that they are watermarked and low-resolution - you mys submit your book to your printing company to get it printed.  The PDF files do not have a mark-up/comment function - use the internal proofing & review tools in the app to keep your team members communicating with each other on book progress.

The link to download will expire without notice within a few hours of its creation.

Creating a single page PDF

To make a PDF of a single page, hover over any page, then click the ... icon in the top right corner of the page.
From the menu, choose View as PDF.  The single page PDF will launch in a new browser tab.


Creating a single section PDF

To make a PDF of a single section, click the menu icon in the top right corner of the section.
From the menu, choose View as PDF.  A PDF containing all pages in the section will launch in a new browser tab


Creating an entire book PDF

To make a PDF of the entire book, click on the menu icon on the bottom bar of the window. Choose View Book as PDF. A PDF containing all the pages of your book will launch in a new browser tab.


Viewing, printing & saving a proofing PDF

After generating a PDF file, it will launch in your web browser. Note that it can take a several minutes to generate a multi-page PDF file in your browser.

Hover your mouse over the PDF to view your options.  Your browser choice will determine where the options are located (see below)

  • View the PDF: Use your mouse wheel to scroll through multi-page PDF and change the view options.
  • Save the PDF: Download the file to your computer's Downloads folder. Downloaded files may be shared with other members of your school community as an email attachment or using a file transfer service.
  • Print the PDF using the top right-hand option.  Use this option to do mark-up style review.
  • Share the file: You may copy & paste the url (website address at the top of your browser to send the PDF link to others, but only use this option if you know the person is waiting to receive the link immediately and can download the document. The pdf link will expire within a few hours of its generation without notice.

On a Chrome browser, your pdf viewer options will appear in this manner.


On Firefox, it will appear like this:


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