General Proofing/Review Tips

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While reviewing your pages, be sure to keep an eye out for the following common issues...

Mislabelled portraits

Be sure to pass portrait pages to teachers to review labels. They may notice spelling mistakes, or will suggest an alternative form of a student's name. For instance, a student may be registered under one name but only use a knickname, eg. Maria-Fernanda may go by Marifer or James will only be known as Jim. 

Missing portraits

Carefully review your classroom and staff pages to make sure everyone is included. Did any new students or staff appear after the portrait pages were created?

Photos of kids on the Do Not Photograph list

Check with your school administrators if your school has a list of students who may not be photographed, then have their teacher review the book to make sure they do not appear in the book. 

Naughty kids in group photos

Carefully review group shots to make sure there are no kids trying to sneak inappropriate hand gestures or other other activities into large group shots.

Decorations blocking text or photos

While it is fun to decoration your pages, be sure that they don't get in the way of labels or cover people's faces in photos. Keep them discrete in size, behind or at the edges of photos and text.

Text made illegible by background content

Text added on top of very busy background textures or on photos is often very hard to read. Try adding a reduced-opacity shape behind the text to help it stand out from the other content on the page. This includes your page numbering.

Page margin crowding

Look for text and photos that are too close to the edge of your pages. Keep in mind that content near the gutter (spine) of your book may be partially occluded due to the binding and page curvature. We suggest keeping all important text and photo content a good 1/2" from the trim edge of your page.

Backgrounds, decorations and photos that should extend off the edge of the page

Make sure that any item that should spill off the edge of the page does - particularly backgrounds, shapes and textures that give a ribbon or area-defining effect.

Misaligned text

If the text in the Editor does not appear identical to the rendered pages, consult the following article to understand the problem and what to do to fix it.

Typos in titles or dates

Often when proofreading one tends to concentrate on paragraph text, since it contains a lot of details. Titles and subtitles may be ignored since your eyes interpret them more like graphic elements than text. You may also skim over dates (years in particular). Take the time to read all these elements on your pages. We suggest reading out-loud since it forces you to carefully review each word.

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