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Using decorations on your page

An extensive decoration collection is found under Elements tab in the Editor. Scroll through the collection to locate the type of decoration you require.


Click into any collection to view the available decorations. Use the scroll bar to move 


Drag and drop any element to your page.


If you need to go to another elements folder, simply click on the back arrow next to the album name, and you will be brought back to the main elements folder.

Decorations may be resized - select the decoration, and use the resize handles. Use the corner handles to resize the item proportionately. 


Decorations have all the same options available as photos - moving, crop/pan, resizing, border, shadow, order, shape and image effects.  A brief video tutorial is available to show you how to use image effects to change the color on backgrounds and decorative elements.

Tips to Use Decorations Effectively

Resize decorations using their corner handles so they resize proportionately. Using the center handles will crop the decoration.


Avoid using the Shape option. It will crop the decoration.


If an object can't cast a shadow in the real world, don't add a shadow to it in your layout. Don't use a shadow on a silhouette, light effects, doodle or an element designed to look hand-drawn or painted, or any object that already has a shadow-type effect.


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