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Creating a formal proofing with your team

Your book must be reviewed in detail before it can be submitted to the printing company.  A proof of your yearbook allows you to see your pages as they would appear when printed. 

You can approve pages that are ready to print, and you can reject pages that need work, adding comments to indicate what changes are needed.

There is no limit to the number of proofs you can create for your yearbook. All pages must be approved in your proof before moving to submitting them for printing.

Creating a proof 

Only Editors-in-Chief can access the Submit to publisher part of the book, under the Admin menu.


Your book status and due dates are displayed in the Overview section. These dates were selected by your printing company when your account was set up.


Click on Cover or Book to begin the review process, then create new proof.

The length of time required to create a proof is dependent on the size of your book (covers will be completed very quickly, the book will take longer).
Note: when the proof is ready, an email will be sent to the team member who requested the proof.


Why are the Cover and Book sections separate? Many printing companies set an earlier submission date for covers. They will complete the printing process for covers first, then attach them to the interior pages of your book that is submitted later. This gives you more time to complete your yearbook while they get a head start on your big printing & binding job.

Note that as soon as you send your cover or book to proofing, further editing is disabled in the Edit Book area.


Reviewing your proof

After the proof has generated, you can review it.


Click on Review cover to see a large, clear preview of your page. Indications of safe and bleed zones (areas subject to trimming or being obscured in your final print) are indicated by a light green and red casing, so you can judge how well text and photos are positioned in your layout.

Your cover will display a single page:


Your book's interior will display as a multi-page double-spread view. 

Cycle through the pages using the arrows on the right and left sides of the double-spread. 


Each page should be Rejected or Approved.


Rejected pages need revision. When you click Reject, you will be prompted to add comments on what needs work on the page.
After adding comments, click Reject.


Approved pages will simply be marked as such: 


Click undo if you approved a page in error, and need to reject it instead.

Complete the review of all pages.  The status tracker in the top right corner will let you know when you've completed the review.


At completion, you'll see how many pages were approved and rejected.
To re-review the proof, click Edit Proof. Otherwise, click Mark review as complete to proceed.


Once the review is complete, you'll be presented with some options:


If your book needs just a few touch-ups, move off the Submit to publisher area and return to Edit Book.

You and your team members will see a green checkmark over pages that have been approved, and a red x over the the rejected pages. 


Click on a rejected page to view the comments:


Click on the Ok, got it! button to reopen the page in the Editor to make the requested changes:


The red x will disappear from the page's status after it has been edited:


Once all the rejected pages have been corrected, return to Submit to publisher and create Submit another proof.


If your book still needs a lot of work (e.g: structural changes, adding or removing pages, fixing panel flows, etc), you should cancel the proof under the Submit to publisher area entirely. 


Rejected proofs will be listed at the bottom of your book (or cover) proofing queue:


Next step... complete the review and submit your book...

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