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Adding a new team member

Only Editors-in-Chief can create new team members.

Login to your book, then click on the Menu Icon in the upper left corner. Select Manage Team from the left-side menu under the Admin section.


On the left side, choose the type of team member you would like to create:

  • Editors-in-Chief have an all-access pass account. They can access book administration tools, submit the yearbook, and create other team members. We recommend limiting this role to one or two people on your team.
  • Editors can work on all aspects of photo and book management. They may be given permission to access portrait photos by the Editors-in-Chief. They can view the Status Report in the Admin section. Assign this role to trusted team members who need to access all parts of the yearbook.
  • Staffers are limited to working on assigned pages. They may upload photos or create photo albums with permission. This role is suitable for younger students or casual contributors.

To create a new team member, select the type you wish to create, then click on the ADD NEW... button in the top right corner.


Complete the form to add your new team member. Fields marked with a * must be completed.

You can change their chosen role at any time by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the role field.  
Set a password for the team member. 

Note that the password can be changed by an Editor-in-Chief at any time.


If COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) limitations have been set up for your book, you will need parental permission to create an account for children under the age of 13.
Please read the article on the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act for more information. This article contains downloadable permission forms for your convenience.


To complete the setup, send your team members their login info via an email or instant message.

Include the following details:

  • The Memento Yearbook website address:
  • Your School Id
  • Their specific User Id
  • The password you created for them.

Why provide an email address when creating your team members?

Team member email addresses are only used to send password reset emails. Team members do not receive login/registration emails - please send this information to your team members along with their password via your normal method of communication (private email, messenger service).

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