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What's next for Memento Yearbook?

Last updated on September 2nd, 2023

Here are some of the exciting features we are working on for upcoming updates to Memento Yearbook:

  • Apply background image directly over a spread.
  • Online Store - bind your stripe account, control your credit card cost and more.
  • Online Store - School will be able to customize their store
  • Adjustable visibility of Memento administration fee messages for online store.
  • New Deluxe Yearbook Templates
  • New Layouts for Editorials & Magazines
  • New Collages
  • New Backgrounds for single and double pages
  • Download Flatten PDF
  • Templates based on photo numbers.
  • Auto population of sections in the book manager using book templates.
  • Dozen of new fonts.
  • Auto-collage
  • Page numbering enhancement
  • Digital Yearbook Sales

More features in development will be announced soon.

A list of features added to Memento Yearbooks is available. Check it out what we've been up to!

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