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Storefront: Allow parents to purchase & design senior ads

More and more schools are asking for an online solution to allow parents to design a student's dedication page that they would have purchased from the school.  I guess this would be similiar to an editor but without allowing them to see that's  being designed in the yearbook and possibly a simpler solution.

The dimeions are typically a full page, half page or 1/4 of a page. The ideal solution would be some sort of a storefront in which the parent could either purchase the page via the web or just be given a code  to enter and design their appropiate size of the page the admin. would assign to them.  Then to possibly have the option for the admin to export as a .jpeg or .pdf so that the they could insert it manually within the book.

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  • I would like to further request that there be pre-made layouts in the dedication page editor.  The appropriate layout should be shown when a customer seletcs a Full Page, Half Page, a Quarter and 1/8 Page dedication add.  Also, have a library of bakgrounds and clipart that parents could choose from ( including solid colored backgrounds ).

  • Will this be ready for next year or do we look for alternatives?

  • Hi, do you know if this is coming fairly soon ? This is one of my number 1 request from schools for full page, 1/2 page, 1/4 page and 1/8 add dedications for families to purchase and design online.  Publisher can get an email with a download link when finished by end user or maybe the finished design can go into a folder within the school photos tab. 

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