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Editor: "Drop image" empty frame displays in PDF render if no image is added

If a templates has a " drop image here" box and no image is dropped, it shows us as "Drop Image Here" on the pdf. If should become invisible. 

  • Also, unused text boxes that are added need to disappear.  

  • I Agree
  • Unused frames remain on the canvas since pages are rendered for review/proofing at various stages of completion.

     Clients who have not yet completed a page but who have placeholder frames on their pages will need to see those items. 

    The intention is that the client should delete any unused frames on their pages if they notice them during a review pass or add the missing content to them, as need be.

  • I agree with the unused text box. Most of the time when a text box is applied to the page, it's very hard to see and unfortunately most of the time, isn't seen in the proofing process. Some of the schools work on laptops and the editor portion of the program is not very large. If the box made more of an appearance when added to the page or there was an alert for an unchanged/unused text box, that would be very helpful and save a lot of time on the proofing end of a publisher. 

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