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New features and updates to Memento Yearbook

This article was last updated on March 22th 20223

You also can check out what is coming next for the app, and see what other clients are asking for in this forum.  Add your support for any suggestions posted - the more "votes" an idea receives, the more likely it is to make it to the development team. 

Feel free to contribute your own ideas too if they aren't already listed. Your feedback helps us make a stronger product.

Framework & Servers

Update the server code to prevent users from using illegal characters when creating an admin, as it prevented them from logging in to the book.. 2023-03-13

Update all servers for a faster response during the peak season 2023-03-08

Update the core framework of the yearbook cloud to deploy the upcoming features 2023-03-08

Book Manager

Display more information regarding the minimum/maximum possible pages and the current number of pages. 2021-11-18

Upgrade all servers for greater speed, stability and performance. 2020-04-20

Rename image file names in the Yearbook & Community albums. 2020-08-19

Photos display file names. 2020-01-22
Errors caused by two clients using the same login credentials simultaneously resolved. 2020-01-22
Entire sections may be assigned/unassigned to team members. 2019-10-23

General Editor

Update performance of browsing and searching of photos by 200%.  2021-11-18

Photo Album called "Portraits"  let you drag and drop A la carte students. 2021-11-18

Image usage count in Memento Yearbook! 2021-11-04

Frame resize & zoom handles display cursor control. 2020-09-30
Image frame rotation handle Alt-key rotation moves to a finer 7.5 degree increment (no longer 45 degrees). 2020-09-30

Zoom & Pan your page in the Editor. 2020-08-11

Text drop-shadow added. 2020-07-29
Frames on the canvas nudged into position using the keyboard arrow keys. 2020-03-18

Zoom and crop enabled on background of a page. 2020-03-17

Splitter tool added to create rows & columns from a single image frame. 2020-01-22

Photos, backgrounds and elements display file names. 2020-01-22

Photos may be sorted by file name or upload date, ascending or descending order. 2020-01-22

Search for photos and elements by filename. 2020-01-22

Flip image vertically added to image editor. 2019-11-08

Add empty image frame without adding photos directly to the canvas. 2019-11-08

Pan, zoom and rotate will reset by double-clicking on their handles. 2019-10-14

Font preview: see your font choices in the editor. 2019-09-11

New user interface and experience for property editing in the Editor. 2019-08-08

Low res warning to let you know when your internet-download image may not be up to the quality you need. 2019-06

Transparency slider added for photos, backgrounds & elements. 2018-11

Photos as backgrounds: set a photo to automatically cover the entire background of your page. 2018-11

Layouts,Templates, Backgrounds & Elements

Publishers may access unpublished template collections when editing their clients' books. 2020-10-08

New themed layouts added - track & field, volleyball, swimming, tennis, arts & performance, media & technology, music and Covid-19. 2020-08-13

Eleven new fonts added to the Editor. 2020-08-11

New themed layouts added - baseball, football, soccer, basketball, monsters, chalk doodles, comic heroes, comic strip;, Halloween, holidays and Year-in-Review.  2020-08-11

Publisher-created layouts appear in Layouts tab for their clients. 2020-07-29

Publisher-uploaded backgrounds and elements appear in the school's page editor. 2020-07-29

Layouts tab revamped into collections of coordinated layouts.  020-07-29 

Templates versus layouts distinction removed.  2020-07-29 

"Number of images" toggle removed in layouts. 2020-07-29

New templates available: Doodle, Watercolor, Basketball, Football. 2019-10-14 

Layouts & templates conform to page safe guidelines. 2019-10-14

A large collection of layouts is now available and template collections is growing steadily. 2019-09-23

Doodles collection added to decorations. 2019-09-20

Backgrounds can be dragged as a decorative element to your page. 2018-11

Portrait Database & Portrait Pages

Enhance label display to avoid 2 lines problems 2021-06-12

Portrait wizard includes the ability to sort for a particular group and a related sub-groups (eg: Grade: 6 + Teacher: Smith or Grade: 6 + Homeroom: 425). 2020-03-18 

Title and Salutation available in batch edit mode. 2020-02-18

List of groups in portrait page wizard made larger so as to display the entire group category and name. 2020-02-10
Portrait labels include option to display full name, first name only, last name only or no name. 2020-02-10
Portrait page flow and render speed optimized. 2020-02-10
Portrait page user interface reorganized to be more intuitive. 2020-01-22

Condense one or more portrait groups to a single page within a section. 2020-01-22

Side label position may be on edge or gutter (all section or per page). 2020-01-22

Speed improvements when deleting people in the portrait database. 2020-01-22
Video tutorials for staff pages and label position. 2020-01-22

Database refreshed after new import or delete (no hanging). 2020-01-22

New demo video for portrait pages has been published. 2019-10-23 

Multiple portraits may be featured (feature teacher). 2019-08-13

Enhanced portrait selection mechanism in Portraits tab. 2019-08-13

More options for portrait page labels and titles. 2019-06

Proofing, Review & PDF rendering

Bulk reject pages in any state of proofing on a per section basis (section menu) or the entire book (book menu). 2020-05-01

Pages approved for printing may be rejected individually or an entire section. 2019-10-23

Portrait pages approved for printing may be rejected within a section in a single option. 2019-10-23


Direct-ship-to-home now available if the publisher has enabled it. 2020-10-05

School storefront order overview shows who has/has not purchased yearbooks yet via you online storefront. 2019-11-12

School storefronts now available with custom book pricing (Publisher dashboard) and sales tracking (YB App for Editors-in-Chief). 2019-10-02

Team Management

All new team members with an email address included in their setup receive login invitation emails. 2020-10-08

Publisher's Dashboard
Admn can now edit their profile details. 2023-03-22

Customize the email proofing message  2023-11-22
Team management knowledge base documentation  2023-11-22 

Sorts book products properly in combobox  2021-11-18

A small tooltip glitch was fixed... "Reject book proof" tooltip now appears correctly. 2021-11-18

Team management in the publisher dashboard. 2021-07-21

Storefront set up now includes the ability to offer direct-ship-to-home with a flat delivery fee. 2020-10-05

Only active (unexpired) books appear under a school's listing in the Publisher dashboard. 2020-08-19 

Mark books as complete (force-expiration). 2020-08-20

View expired book licenses using a filter to declutter book list. 2020-08-19 

Make schools inactive in the publisher dashboard. 2020-08-19

Layout publishing mechanism: create collections of layouts for school-clients. Five 100-page collections are included for free with additional bundles available to order. 2020-07-29

Publishers may create background & elements collections for their clients. Five 100-image collections are included for free with additional bundles available to order. 2020-07-29

Turn off Memento Yearbook layouts, backgrounds and/or embellishment collections. 2020-07-29

Add redirect for support to your own knowledge base, ticketing and chat services. 2020-05-01
Add custom branding to emails sent to clients. 2020-05-01

Export book order details in one of four formats (basic, labels, accounting, details) in three file types (csv, xml, json) with a custom date range. 2019-10-31
Email send/received/fail status added for books, client info update available for unregistered books. 2019-10-11

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