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Assigning a Role changes Priority

Our priority for all staff and students are done in the index file before import. We spend an extensive time on a colums pre-import to make sure we have a flawless import.

What I notice is that when we add a Role to teacher and aide so that the photos are feactures, it also changes the current priority to a default of 3. Requesting that if there is currently a priority prior to assisning a role, not change it done to its current value. 

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  • Also looking for an update on this issue.  It is very time consuming to have to rework data that you've already perfected!  Thanks!

  • Assign role automatically adds information to certain fields by design. It is intended as a starting point to get your portraits into order. Do not use it if you have customized the fields already.

  • I already have customized priority fields ( I set all of my priorities externally ) but have to assign the role to teacher and aides, otherwise their photo will be featured.  Would be best that only a priority is assisgned if one does not exist.  If it sees a value, it should leave it as is. 

  • In this case do not use Assign role. Assign role gives a group of properties to the selected portraits - it is a preset intended to adjust multiple categories in a single click. 

    Bulk edit your teachers to adjust only their ROLE - it won't touch the other properties you have assigned to the portraits in this case.

  • We do need to assign a role or else the teacher of Aid's photo will not be featured. 

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