Adding portrait pages to your book

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Portrait pages may only be added after importing images and database information into your book.

To add portrait pages to your book, first Check Out your book (Editors-in-Chief and Editors with permission may do this). 

Book check out is required to ensure that page order, page deletion and portrait page updates will not negatively affect the work of other team members. 

Warning: No other team member can edit pages when your book is checked out. Be sure to check in as soon as you have finished managing it.

To add one or more portrait pages to your book, click on Add Portrait Pages in any section of your book.

The portrait wizard will appear to guide you through the process of selecting which portraits will be added to your book.

Portrait page workflow

Portrait pages are added as one or more groups to a section of your book - add a group of homerooms, or a single grade, or a staff section organized by department, as needed. Decide on the best strategy for your particular school and your styling intentions, using book sections to keep your portrait pages in manageable sections.

Selecting portrait groups to add to your section

The portrait wizard shows two columns. On the left side, the portrait wizard displays groups available to add to your book - Grade, Teacher, Homeroom and Department. Select one or more group, click the blue transfer button, and the selected groups will appear on the right side, ready to add to your book.

Use the search filter over the right column to show only a particular group and its subgroups. For example, search for a particular grade to see a list of homerooms or teacher groups that are associated to to the grade.


Checkmark the groups you wish to add to your book, then click the transfer arrow.

The selected group(s) will be moved to the left column, ready to be added to the current section.

You may choose to add additional groups using a different search filter. In our example, we will add two grade 7 classes to the list of groups to add to the section.

Upon completing the list of groups to add to the section, click Next Step.

Note that when adding a group that consists of two categories (Grade & Teacher, Grade  &Homeroom) only the portraits that belong to both categories will be placed on the page. Portraits appearing only in one category (just the Grade, or just the Homeroom/Teacher) will be excluded.

Review the order of the portrait groups

If required, change the order of the groups by dragging them into position. In this example, we find a split-grade classroom for Teacher Arquette, and we'd like to put the students in Grade 6 and 7 next to each other.

Select a group and drag it into a new position. In the example, we will move the Grade 6 Arquette group in front of the Grade 7 Arquette group.

When the groups are in the correct order, click Next Step.

Choose a portrait template style

Select the style of your portraits - this determines where your label is positioned and other styling elements. (Note that you can change this while editing the pages later). Click Next Step to continue after making your selection.


Add portrait groups to your book

A confirmation of your choices will be presented - if everything is correct, click on Add to book, or go back to the previous step(s) to review.

The selected groups will appear in your book within your section. Each group will start on a new page, but you may find a single group may extend past a single page if it is large.

Next, learn how to customize your panel layout and how to decorate your pages.

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