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Removing or adding a group within a portrait page section

Portrait page sections may be edited to add or remove groups or portrait pages.

To make changes to your portrait section, first check out the book.

Next, click on the Edit portrait pages button in the top right of the section.


The portrait page wizard will open.

To remove a group, select it in the right-hand column, then transfer it to the left-hand column. Note that it will remain highlighted in green because it is still in the book, for the moment. To add a group, select it in the left-hand column, then transfer it to the right-hand column. Note that it is not highlighted because it does not yet appear in the book.

In the example below, the Grade 5 group is being removed, and the Grade staff group is being added.


Click Next Step to move to the group ordering.

Drag the groups into the correct order, then click Next Step.


Select/confirm your portrait template style, then click Next step, and finally confirm your choices to Add to book.

Sections that have been removed from the book will simply vanish, leaving only candid pages before and after them.
Sections that were added will appear as basic portrait pages, ready to be decorated and customized in the Editor.


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