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Submitting your book for final printing

Getting your yearbook to the printer requires two important steps.

First, an Editor-in-Chief accesses the Submit to publisher area under the Admin area. Then, they create a proof to review and approve every single page of your book. Only then can the book be submitted to the publisher for final printing.


When all of the pages have been approved, no one may work on pages in the Edit Book section.


Click on Submit to publisher to send your completed yearbook to your printing company. 

You may receive a warning about your book if it does not meet certain requirements. For instance, if the book is under or over the number of pages required by your publisher, you will receive a notice to fix the problem before submitting.

Once the book meets the requirements of the publisher, you will be allowed to proceed.

A final warning will appear: unless your publisher cancels your submission after reviewing it, your book will be printed as-is should you choose to submit it.


If you are sure you want to proceed, click the Yes button.

Your book is now locked from any further editing, but you can look at the proof.


Note: Should you need to make further changes to the book or cover after submitting it, then you will need to contact your publisher directly, and have them reject it.

Your cover needs to be submitted separately, following the same procedures.


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