Review, Proof, and Submit Your Book for Printing

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Editors-in-Chief may review the yearbook's cover under the Admin section - choose Submit to Publisher to begin the process. 


Create A Proof

Consult our handy article on what to look out for while reviewing your pages.

Click on the Book tab to start the process.


Click on Book to begin the review process, then create new proof. The length of time to generate the proof depends on the size and complexity of your book.


Review a Proof

After the book proof has been created, click on Review proof to see a large clear preview of your pages in your web browser. (An email will also be sent to person who requested the proof to get to this page). 


The book proof will show guideline markers for safe guidelines and bleed zones to help evaluate image and text placement.  Be sure that important content is kept away from the page edges, and that backgrounds stretch right to the page edges past the red bleed zones.

Move through the pages by clicking on the side arrows. Adjacent pages will appear next to each other.

At the bottom of each page, click either the Reject or Approve buttons.


Rejecting pages

Rejected pages need revision. When you click Reject, you will be prompted to add comments on what needs work on the page. After adding comments, click Reject.


Rejected pages will be highlighted on the book manager with a red dot over them, ready to open in the editor.


Note that your history of rejected proofs will be listed at the bottom of your book (or cover) proofing queue:


Approving pages individually

Approved pages will simply be marked as such. Click undo if you approved a page in error, and need to reject it instead.


Approved pages are locked for future editing - in the editor and the book manager. You may view the page, but no further changes may be made.


Bulk Approving Your Book

If you have just corrected a few last issues with your book and do not need to review every page again, you may bulk approve all pages in a single click. Be very careful using this option.


Bulk approving all pages must be confirmed as the entire book is marked as ready to be printed. The checkbox indicating that you understand the risks of using this feature must be turned on to proceed. It may take a moment to approve all the pages, but when it is complete, your review status will change.


Completing your review 

The status tracker in the top right corner will let you know when you've completed the review. Note that you can download the entire multi-page pdf to share it with others or keep a copy.


At completion, you'll see how many pages were approved and rejected. To re-review the proof, click Edit Proof. Otherwise, click Mark review as complete to proceed.


Once the review is complete, you'll be presented with some options:


If serious changes are needed, click Cancel proof and return to edit your book pages. Use this if your page order will be revised or portions of the portrait pages reflowed. The entire book will be sent to a proofing render again.

If your book needs just a few touch-ups, move off the Submit to publisher area and return to Edit Book. Re-sending the book to proofing will only re-render the selected pages.

You and your team members will see a green checkmark over pages that have been approved (locked from further editing), and a red x over the the rejected pages. When rejected pages are opened in the editor, the comments entered at review will appear to guide revisions.


The red x will disappear from the page's status after it has been edited.


Once all the rejected pages have been corrected, return to Submit to publisher and create Submit another proof. Only the revised pages will be re-rendered.


Continue the proofing procedure until all pages in your book have been approved.  Your book will be locked from editing when the proof is entirely approved. You may view the proof and the pages in the Editor, but no further changes may be made.


Submit to Publisher

Once approved, you may submit your book to your publisher for printing. Submitting to publisher is the last step - it cannot be undone other than by your publisher. If, however, you notice something is amiss, you may still cancel the proof.


Cancelling your proof

Click on Cancel proof to restart the proofing process. Provide a comment, and confirm the proof cancellation. The proofing ladder will return to the start, and your book manager will set all pages to "ready for proofing" - you can reject pages individually to work on them in the editor.


Bulk Rejecting All Pages

If you need to restart the entire proofing process to re-enable editing, you can bulk reject pages on a per-section basis or for the entire book.

First, check your book out. 

To reject all pages within a section (at any stage of the proofing process), click on the menu icon in the far right of the section bar, then choose Reject all pages.


To reject all pages in the entire book, access the menu icon at the bottom of the webpage. Choose Reject all pages.

Add a comment to complete the process.

Once completed, all pages that were in the proofing process will show a red dot over them. They will be available for editing again, and will open displaying your comment.

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