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Assigning roles to portraits

Most portrait databases provide basic information about the people depicted in the portraits such as their name and classroom assignment. This information usually isn't enough to get portraits sorted into groups on your pages effectively since job roles and rank/hierarchy isn't addressed.

To simplify the process of making panels, use the ASSIGN ROLE feature after importing your portraits, so the panel builder better understands the members of your school community and how they should be placed into panels.

Tip: To ensure that homeroom teachers and assistant teachers appear on their own classroom pages, make sure that their Grade, Teacher Name and/or Homeroom information matches the information associated to their students.

Assigning roles to multiple people

First import your portraits and their database. After selecting one or more portraits, the Assign Role option will become available on the top menu. In this example, several students have been selected by checkmarking next to their portraits. 


Click on Assign Role to choose among the following options:

  • Student
  • Teacher (eg: Homeroom teacher)
  • Assistant Teacher (eg: assistant/student teachers assigned to a classroom)
  • Specialist (eg: music, gym, science, health specialists not assigned to a single classroom)
  • Principal
  • Vice Principal
  • Office Staff (eg: secretaries and administrative workers)
  • Support Staff (eg; non-teaching, non-administrative workers, such as cafeteria, custodial)


Choose the role for the selected portraits. The role sets information in the priority, role and department categories, if applicable. In this example, the selected portraits will be assigned the role of Student - they will have a priority added that is lower than the priority of staff members, so they will always appear after staff in portrait pages.


Assign roles to individual portraits by clicking into their Role area.  In the following example, we'll make this person the Vice Principal. 


Choose the role and save the changes.


New information will appear in their Role, Department and Priority information. Note that they have been assigned to Administration and have a priority of 2 (Principals are priorited to 1 since they are always the first people on their portrait page).


Tip: Add TITLES to your staff portraits. Use the Title field to specify the job function of each person if you'd like this information to appear on your portrait pages.


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