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Featured teacher portraits (enlarged in grid)

Staff portraits are often featured on their classroom pages. A featured portrait occupies a 2x2 space at the front of the portrait grid. 

To achieve this effect, follow these steps...

First, under Manage Portraits, locate your staff members.  Ensure that your teachers are assigned to the same grade, teacher and/or homeroom category as their students so they will appear on the same pages as them.

Next, select one or more homeroom teachers, then click on Assign Role. Set these portrait(s) to Teacher or Assistant Teacher and save the change.

Role assigns information under the categories of role, department, title and priority.


Next, create your classroom pages, and one in the Editor.  Your portrait page will detect any image assigned to the role of Teacher or Assistant Teacher, placing them automatically in the front of the group.  (The images are sorted first by priority, then alphabetically by last name.)

In the example below, there are two teachers at the start of the grid. Note how they are out of alphabetical order - this tells us they have higher priority than the students. The Feature option is set to off, so the teacher portraits are the same size as the rest of the portraits.

Turn the Feature Frame toggle on, and then choose which roles to feature. In this case, we want the Teacher and Assistant Teacher to be in featured frames.

Click Update at the bottom of the option list. The selected portraits will grow to occupy a 2x2 space. Check your grid to see if it has spilled to a second page after this change, and adjust the rows and columns if necessary.


Note that Feature can also be used on staff pages to apply to the Principal or other VIP roles.

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